Eco-Packaging: Inspiring the Green Trend

As soon as you wrap and unwrap your gifts for this holiday season, you will find them little lighter than usual. It might be because many companies are coming out with the eco packaging evaluating the impact of packaging on environment. As the new green movement is growing up, so many businesses are striving to find innovative and more nature-friendly ways to package their products.

Finest Environmentally Friendly Packaging Suppliers

Finest Environmentally Friendly Packaging Suppliers

As packing technology is getting more stylish and classy, there are higher-quality alternatives available keeping the traits of reusability, recyclability and sustainability for both producers and consumers. When considering the type of packaging to use, companies must think about the cost quality and consumer demand of both the product and packaging.

Packaging trends are moving towards “right-size” and “light-weight” techniques to hold their equitable place in the market. Some of the popular packaging trends include:

• Folding Cartons come in pre-fixed sizes but you can fold them in an innovative way to suit your product. It forms the outside packaging of your content. They are refold able and can be used for a longer time.

• Display Boxes holds your product and attract a greater appeal to your shelves. They come in different designs and can be used for keeping books, magazines or jewellery.

• Pouch Packaging is an airtight concept providing to its contents. It is used for tablets, capsules, powders. Plastic pouch packaging is easy to open and re-saleable.

• HDPE Bottles and Jars is good choice for packing liquids and solids. It provides versatility in addition to a longer shelf life. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

• Single Dose packaging is convenient and travel-friendly. It administers the correct amount of dosage.

• Multi-dose packaging offers convenience when larger dose is administered.

Environmentally friendly packaging may sounds good, but it will be actually good when you will replace the packaging you already use. It’s important to get samples and understand the cost impact before switching to the new one.


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