Eco-Packaging: Inspiring the Green Trend

As soon as you wrap and unwrap your gifts for this holiday season, you will find them little lighter than usual. It might be because many companies are coming out with the eco packaging evaluating the impact of packaging on environment. As the new green movement is growing up, so many businesses are striving to […]

Eco Friendly Packaging Products- A Step towards Green Environment

With the rising impacts of carbon footprint, green house gases and other toxic emissions into the air, food industries are aware of the growing demand of eco friendly packaging solutions today. It is no more left a matter of preference but has turned into a business imperative. Commonly called as green packaging, it focuses on […]

Encouraging Eco Packaging Suppliers for Saving Our Environment

The term eco friendly have steadily made its way into the realization of the society because of the increase in the amount of non-disposable garbage all around the world. The plastic content in the garbage is highly toxic in nature leading to increased global warming and its adverse effects on the environment. From schools to […]

An Immediate Need to Understand: ‘What is Eco Packaging?’

Though plastic is highly toxic, harmful and non-biodegradable in nature even then it is one of the most commonly used packing materials used by the manufacturers in today’s era.  The impact of global warming is increasing day by day so there is an immediate need for common masses to understand ‘what is eco packaging’ and […]